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Solar Scouts in Action

2023 is an extension of 2021 Sustainable development goals with the focus on solar energy.

Do you like getting something for nothing? Everybody likes getting things for free. How about getting energy and power for free? The Sun sends us free energy every second and all we have to do is collect it. Taking advantage of free energy can reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, which are harmful to our environment.

With pressures on fossil fuel for energy we need to be looking to other ways to harness energy for our day-to-day living and solar is one option and is already widely used with roofing panels being the most common but there are other ways we can source energy and that is from the oceans (tidal energy production) and from the wind with wind farming growing daily to provide additional energy to the power grid.

Solar Scouts in Action month will look at other ways of harnessing solar energy to support and minimise our impact on the environment such as using solar for a lighting in camp or for cooking meals.

Solar Scouts in Action will also look at other energy sources, not just solar..

Programs have been developed based on this years theme and along with solar activities Scouts will be able to look at the Sustainable Development Goals and develop SIA's across a range of areas such as STEM and Innovation, Environment, Personal Growth, so go for it and there will be SIA suggestions within the program and how they link to the achievement pathways.

Let's get into solar!

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