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Rover Scouts


The Outdoor Adventure Skills


Stage 1 >Do

  • I can strike a match

  • I can collect sticks for preparing a campfire

  • I can be safe around a campfire

  • I know what a dilly bag is and can keep it clean at camp

Stage 2 >Do

  • I can cook a snack on a fire

  • I can demonstrate a correct way to build a safe fireplace in the bush

Stage 3 >Do

  • I can cook a meal using a camp stove


Stage 5 >Do

  • I can help construct a camp kitchen including a camp oven and basin

Survival Skills

Stage 5 >Plan

  • I have prepared a meal for a survival camp taking into consideration limited access to cooking resources

Stage 5 >Do

  • I can identify three native plants that can support me either medically or nutritionally


Stage 1 >Plan

  • I can list what food to take on a day bushwalk

Stage 3 >Do

  • I can help plan a balanced menu for bushwalking
    Consider nutritional value, variety, and weight

Stage 5 >Plan

  • know how to identify food and water requirements for multi-dayt bushwalks


Stage 1 >Do

  • I can strike a match

  • I can help prepare food for cooking at camp

Stage 2 >Plan

  • I know about proper hygiene practices at camp

Stage 2 >Do

  • I can demonstrate basic food handling and the importance of hygiene at camp

Stage 3 >Plan

  • I can help plan a balanced meal for camp

Stage 3 >Do

  • I can help build a campfire and collect materials to do so

  • I can cook ma meal on a campfire with assistance

Stage 4 >Plan

  • I can work with others to prepare a menu and food list for a weekend camp

  • I know about proper hygiene practices at camp and can discuss these with a Stage 2 Scout

Stage 4 >Do

  • I can cook a meal at camp without assistance

  • I can safely light and extinguish a campfire

Stage 5 >Do

  • I can demonstrate the appropriate measures for minimizing and dealing with food waste, solid waste, to protect the environment while camping

  • I can cook a three course meal using a camp oven, portable hike stove or open fire


Bush Donuts

Looking for an amazing tasty treat on camp?
Try these bush donuts next time you are out camping - click the link below or the image.
Bush Donuts
Make a Solar Oven
Use a sunscreen purchased from any auto store like Supercheap Auto, Repco or Autobarn and turn it into a solar oven.
Click on the link below to make yours and see what you can cook in it - a step up from a pizza box oven.
DIY Solar Oven
Solar Oven.webp
Campfire Safety.jpg
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