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Cub Scout Programs & Activities

Cub Scout Programs from 2nd Colac Sea Scouts


Slip Slop Slap

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Solar Sorting

Here is a great program resource from the UK.

It is about teaching Cub Scouts about the solar system. The program also develops teamwork and other skills.

Download the program HERE or click on the image below.


Solar Sunday Program

Here is a great one day program focussing on all things solar from cooking, to telling the time by the sun and making some cool clothing.

Thanks Nirosha 'Woylie' W from 1st Carlingford

Click HERE or the image below for the program.

More program ideas

Science Buddies

Sun and Solar Science Projects

Science Buddies.jpg
7 Energy.jfif

Use the Sun to make cool patterns on material.

Learn how to use the sun to put designs onto fabric.

Give this a go and see what cool designs you can come up with.

Click HERE or the image below to learn how,

Sun Printing.jpg
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