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Scouts in Action Month

Scouts in Action Month started in 2010 when it was originally called 'Scouts in Action Week' and 2022 marks the thirteenth year.

Scouts in Action was created by Queensland Leader, John Parr.  John won a Vodafone Foundation, World of Difference Award' and committed twelve months living his dream to teach 50,000 young people first aid skills.

To achieve this aim John approached Scouts Australia with an idea to develop programs for Leaders so that they could have all the resources needed to run first aid programs across all Sections of Scouting.

Scouts Australia came on board and help promote Scouts in Action and in the first year (2010) Scouts in Action Week started.  The theme for the first year was Scouts in Action - First Aid and it was held on the last week of April 2010 and over 33,000 youth members and Leader participated in on of the programs including the ADAPT (A Drug and Alcohol Program for Teenagers) program which was specifically designed for Venturer Scouts, Rovers and Leaders and presented by them.

Scouts in Action is designed to provide Leaders with themed program resources that are held on one web site and accessible 24/7, 365 days of the year.  Busy Leaders sometimes need to be able to grab a program that will be based around their sections award scheme and Scouts in Action does just that!

In 2011 Scouts in Action was moved to the last full week of August and then in 2014 it was changed from Scouts in Action Week to Scouts in Action Month and takes place in August each year with the 1st August (World Scout Day) being the official launch day although anyone can register anytime before, during and after August.

Following the original First Aid theme Scouts in Action 2010 the following themes have been used:

2010 - First Aid (32977)
2011 - Disability Awareness (26144)
2012 - International Scouting (31060)
2013 - Scouting in the Community (23599)
2014 - Breaking the Cycle - Bullying is not a part of Scouting (27639)
2015 - Scouts in the Environment (20688)
2016 - 100 Years of Cub Scouts (18,098)
2017 - Time to be Creative (15,329) 

2018 - Scientific Scouts in Action (16716)

2019 - AQUA Scouts in Action Month (10792)
2020 - Scouts in Action Month - Flight (10488)

2021 - 17 Sustainable Development Goals (8465)
2022 - The Great Australian Scout Cook Off (14506)

2023 - Solar Scouts in Action (??)

Since Scouts in Action started in 2010 over 256,501 Leaders and Youth from Australia and overseas Scouting countries and from Girl Guides Australia have participated in the programs.

Themes are generally based on the wishes of Leaders after consultation with youth members so that Scouts in Action stays relevant to their needs.

Scouts in Action is put together annually by just one person, just think what could be achieved if everyone came on board and contributed to its success!

I trust you will once again enjoy the offerings of programs and activities for Scouts in Action Month 2023 Solar Scouts in Action.

John Parr
Scouts in Action Month

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