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Scout Programs and Activities

Scout Solar Sunday Program

Here is a one-day program designed for the Scout Section with lots of solar activities linked to the STEM and Innovation SIA

Click HERE to download the program from Nirosha 'Woylie' Wijesinghe, Assistant Scout Leader, 1st Carlingford Scout Unit NSW.

Solar still.jpg

Solar Cars and Solar Animals

Ali Express is a great source of cheap solar toys and gadgets.

Check out their site and maybe get together with other Groups/Units and buy in bulk and save heaps!

Click this link or the image to check out what is on offer.

Solar Car.jpg
Make a Solar Oven
Use a sunscreen purchased from any auto store like Supercheap Auto, Repco or Autobarn and turn it into a solar oven.
Click on the link below to make yours and see what you can cook in it - a step up from a pizza box oven.
DIY Solar Oven
Solar Oven.webp

Sol Appreciation Night

Here is a program that can be planned during the usual weekly program and then put into practice on a weekend.  This just part 1!

Thanks Albany Creek 'Bunji' Scout Unit


Pringles Solar Oven

Ever craved for hotdogs on camp.  Here is a very cool way to have a snack and then have a hotdog.

Check out how to make a mini solar oven with a Pringles container.

Pringles Solar Oven

Pringles Solar Oven.jpg
Stem and Innovation with text.png
Use Solar to make Art - Solar Pyography

You can use the sun to make amazing artwork.  All you need is a magnifying glass and some timber on a sunny day and voila you have everything you need.  Download the following sheets to see how easy it is.

How to make a solar wood burning tool

Wood burning using a magnifying glass.

Burn a picture using a magnifying glass

Challenge Card

Do you know about solar energy? Would you like to do some fun activities using solar energy? Scouts Go Solar has a range of fun activities you can complete to learn more about solar energy

Scouts go Solar - Cooking

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