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Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

Not always about School


Think about your school or college?  What is it like? Does it have computers and other resources to help you learn?  Is there an amazing library and resource center?

PLAN>DO>REVIEW> with your Patrol.

Think about going to a school that has just chairs and a chalk board only.  Books are shared if there are any available!  What does 'quality education' mean to you?  Discuss this with your Patrol.  Does Scouting help you learn and develop as a young person?  How does Scouting do this?

What could you and your Patrol do to support children who speak another language and have difficulties with communicating with you?

Develop some resources that would help complete the challenge of teaching someone else English.

What about learning sign language so you can communicate with someone that is hearing impaired.

Reflect on how your Patrol developed an idea and then carried it out - how did you feel?

SDG4 - Quality Education

Scouting@Home - Challenges and program ideas developed by Queensland Region Development Support Officer - Karl Lingard

Download the activity sheet here - SDG4 - Quality Education

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