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The Great Australian Scout Cook Off

Welcome to Scouts in Action 2022 - The Great Australian Scout Cook Off.

2022 Sees Scouting getting out and about into the outdoors and test your culinary skills.

For those who know me, a well fed camp is a happy camp and I find that there is nothing more enjoyable to tucking into some lemonade scones cooked in the camp oven or carving up a roast that has been cooked in a 'bell over'. The smokey taste though the meat is something special.

So this year I am challenging every Scout to think about some amazing food they want to prepare and cook for their Patrol or just the family, it does not matter, it is about having a go and tucking in!

The Great Australian Scout Cook Off is for everyone in Scouting from the newest Joey Scout to the Rover about to be 'booted'. Even Leaders can test their camp cooking skills.

This year I am inviting every District across Australia to hold a 'cook off' in August where all those members wanting to show of their cooking skills can come together in bit of a competition - Joeys, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers, Rovers and Leaders competing to see who can produce the best meal and to add to the challenge cooking methods (fire, gas, solar, foil, grill, fry, boil, camp oven and even no bake) will also be part of the local District Cook Off Day!

What about hay box cooking as a way to cook a great meal and saving energy at the same time or solar cooking?  Utilizing the energy of the sun to produce a great meal - a pizza box oven comes to mind here and you will find plans on how to make on on this site.

What about a 'Mystery Box Team Challenge'?  Teams made up by members from each Section working together to produce a great dish or meal that will be judged on the day and teamwork will be observed so mentoring by the older members will be the key to success.

Winners from each District will be asked to submit their recipe and photos so a virtual recipe book can be created and retained on the Scouts in Action Month website for all to check out for menu's and recipes when they are getting ready for their next camp or adventure.

Cooking is a skill for life, Scouting taught me how to cook and I am still practicing and honing those skills I learned over 50 years ago!

Get out there and ger cooking so you will be ready in August.

Have fun.

John Parr
Scouts in Action Month 2022

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