Scout Programs

Here you will find programs, activities and other resources that will help you get the most out of this years theme for your Troop. 

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Scout Programs and Ideas

Here are some ideas to kick you off:


Waterway bird watching

Wind surfing

Building bridges over water

Build your own canoe and test it

Canoeing or sea kayaking

Fishing - local rivers or deep sea

Ice skating (frozen water)

Raft construction and rafting


Coracle building (Check chapter 8)

Rubber rafting





From Ben at 1st Barwon/2nd Geelong in Victoria.

This term being 10 Years of SIAM the Scouts and myself designed the term around the theme of SiAM with each night being a different year. 


Effectively if a Scout attends a night a passes all required tasks for that night (or if other arrangements are made) every 2 weeks l will order the previous 2 weeks of badges (as l get paid every 2 weeks) for the number of scouts/leaders that attended. 


So every 2 weeks l will put a order in for another 2 years of SiAM badges (not in order of year as it as worked out differently with other things we were doing this term). We went through and printed off everything that was available to us of the SiAM website and devised a program with SiAM and other badge work involved as well.


The SiAM stuff has been fantastic and helps myself personal l feel as a leader being able to put a different spin on badgework for the scouts to help get other stuff signed off as well as achieving badges at the same time.

Scout Program Resources

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