Scout Programs

Here you will find programs, activities and other resources that will help you get the most out of this years theme for your Troop. 

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Scout Programs and Ideas

Does it Fly?  (Magnus Effect)
Program from K. Lim - Badimara Scout Group

Here are a few ideas for Special Interest Areas

  • Create an experiment that demonstrates why planes fly - demonstrate thrust, drag, lift and weight.

  • Take a training introductory flight (TIF) in a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA), Glider or Microlight

  • Experience a flight in a Hang Glider, Para-glider or Microlight 

  • Build a model airplane or glider and fly it

  • Research what it takes to become a recreational or commercial pilot

  • Understand the effects of controls and aerodynamics of flight and demonstrate what you have learned to your unit

  • Build a working model of a hot air balloon

  • Research the rules around use of drones in Australia and report back to your Unit

  • Become a qualified drone operator

  • Demonstrate your skills in aerial photography and cinematography using a drone 

  • Identify the types of aircraft by manufacturer and model operating at your local airfield 

  • Research the pathway to becoming an aircraft engineer and explain the process to your unit

  • Find out how to become a flight crew member such as a flight attendant and the training they will need

  • Visit a community aviation operation such as Careflight or Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) 

  • Do work experience at a commercial airline company or flight training school

  • Learn the fundamentals of flight navigation and compare it to navigation used on ground

  • Prepare and do a presentation on the history of the RAAF and their role in WWI

  • Research the history of Qantas

  • Visit an air museum

Scout Program Resources

Flight Worksheet
Use this worksheet to learn about flight and use for badgework under the old award scheme (Pioneer Level -Air Activities) and Youth Program (SIA - STEM)

South Penrith Scouts (NSW) at IFLY
Scouts take on iFLY tunnel to earn science badge. South Penrith Scouts have soared high for science at IFLY. The 32-strong troop flew in the centre’s wind tunnel to win science proficiency badges.

This activity is perfect for Special Interest Area - STEM or pick a Challenge Area.

Check out IFLY for indoor skydiving

Worlds Biggest Paper Plane Competition for Schools.

For Australian and International school students, we are running the 2020 STANSW YOUNG SCIENTIST PAPER PLANE CHALLENGE and a VIDEO of your throw must be uploaded with your entry by midnight FRIDAY 28TH AUGUST 2020

Go to to find out more and how your Scouts can get involved.