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End poverty in all its forms everywhere.

Eradicating poverty is not a task of charity, it is an act of justice and the key to unlocking an enormous human potential? Still, nearly half of the world’s population lives in poverty, and lack of food and clean water is killing thousands every single day of the year. Together, we can feed the hungry, wipe out disease, and give everyone in the world a chance to prosper and live a productive and rich life.

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1. Learn the causes of poverty at home and abroad

2. Discuss with your patrol what poverty means and what needs to be done to eliminate it in your community

3. Poverty persists in every country. Over 8% of the global population (over
600 million people!) lives in extreme poverty. Write a short article about
poverty and share it on social media.

4. Donate clothes that you no longer need to a local charity instead of
reselling or throwing them away.

5. Put yourself in someone else's shoes. Spend a night in a cardboard shelter
with your patrol.

6. Support a family in need to start a business and organise a fundraising
campaign in your Scout group to help them get it off the ground.

7. Raise awareness about poverty through the Messengers of Peace

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Amelia Heights (WA)

Cub Scout -Scorpion Patrol

The Scorpions facilitated an activity where each Patrol had to design a menu for an overnight camp out including 2 meals for no more than $15 per patrol. This raised a lot of conversation regarding things that were still wholesome / nutritious and yet did not cost a lot of money. o A good learning experience for all on how hard it would be to live poor

Living on a Budget


What does 'being poor' mean to you.

How can you make a difference to someone who does not have as much as you or does not have enough money to have a decent meal

Design a shopping list for your Patrol (for food for an overnight bushwalk, with $15.00).

How do you make sure everyone can participate in the activity and can eat enough?

PLAN>DO>REVIEW> with your Patrol.

Who was hungry? Did anyone go without? Did the Patrol make the right food choices on the limited budget?  Think about how people in these situations must feel!

Homeless for a Night


What does 'being poor' mean to you.

How can you make a difference to someone who does not have as much as you or does not have a roof over their heads each night?

Spend a night with your Patrol sleeping in the open with no tent or sleeping bag.  What about setting up for the night in a cardboard box!

PLAN>DO>REVIEW> with your Patrol.

What if you had to do this every night, how would you feel?  Think about those that live on the streets of your town.  Did you feel safe?

SDG1 - No Poverty

Scouting@Home - Challenges and program ideas developed by Queensland Region Development Support Officer - Karl Lingard

Download the activity sheet here - SDG1-No Poverty