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Programs from 2nd Colac Sea Cub Scout Unit in Victoria - thanks Jonathan 

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Programs from Gordon Park Cub Scout Unit - Queensland - thanks Chrissy

Hi All


Sharing because I am excited!! :)


Many months ago, early in the OAS adventure, I had a conversation with Peter Gould (BC Adventurous Activities Qld) about the challenges of building Outdoor Adventure Skills competencies for Cubs during weekly evening program (not just at major events or weekend activities). Our Cubs are keen to paddle, so since then I have had a week night paddle down Breakfast Creek with the Cubs on the 'bucket list'.


'Aqua Scouts in Action Month' provided the extra incentive needed to put some plans in action.  Finally, a conversation with a scouting family who visited UK Cubs scouts to discover they canoe in all weather, convinced me Cubs could go both in and on the water in the much more mild conditions of August in Brisbane.  Many patient conversations with Jaffa added some guide level knowledge to the planned program content. 


We shared this adventure plan with our Venturer Unit who agreed to help out and had a 'practice trip' down the creek themselves a few weeks before the Cub adventure.


So attached FYI is the 4 week program  we ran to build paddle competencies in Cubs during weekly program.  All involved had an absolute blast.  Some Cubs achieved stage 1 paddling, some (with prior experience) achieved stage 2, and some are really well positioned to achieve stage 3 on our upcoming Group camp.


Initial review suggests that this could easily be a 6 week rather than a 4 week arc.....something to work on for next time.  Also once we have some Stage 3 Cubs, I think they could be more actively involved in the running parts of the early programs.

Paddling Program Week 1

Paddling Program Week 2

Paddling Program Week 3

Paddling Program Week 4

Paddling Program Log Book




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