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End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture

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Too Much Food


How can you reduce the food you throw out?
What can you do with leftover food? How can you help others with the food you don’t eat?
What can be 
a longer term solution to the food waste problems?

Is there a local Food Bank or an organization like OzHarvest or similar in your area?  Maybe a visit to see what they do and where the donated or leftover food goes.

PLAN>DO>REVIEW> with your Patrol.

What else could you do to help reduce food waste as a Patrol?  Put this into practice on the next camp!

SDG2 - Zero Hunger

Scouting@Home - Challenges and program ideas developed by Queensland Region Development Support Officer - Karl Lingard

Download the activity sheet here - SDG2 - Zero Hunger

Amelia Heights (WA)

Joey Scout -Seagull Patrol

The Joey Seagulls facilitated a collection of non-perishable foods that will be donated to a local charity/