Scientific Scouts in Action
Scouts in Action Month
August 2018



Mob Buddy Challenge.

Here is your chance to not only explore the creative side of your Joey Scouts but you can join with another Mob and do Scouts in Action Month together and earn the Mob Buddy Challenge.

Make sure you incorporate this Challenge into your program. 
Molb Buddy Badge
Joey Scout Mobs arrange to visit each other, share activities and have great fun. This helps to broaden their sense of community, and creates opportunities for new and varied experiences. The Challenge shows them that they are part of a much larger world-wide Movement.

One Mob visits the other, who then return the visit. Special activities are held when Mobs visit. Later, this could progress to sharing an outdoor activity, sleepover or Mob holiday, you can have a 'virtual' Mob buddy scheme by using the Internet.

So, your Mob visits another Mob. It's easy so far, isn't it?

Then the other Mob visits your Mob (these visits can be for any activity at all, but I's a good idea to try to make them special nights.)  Of course, it doesn't matter who visits first as long as each Mob visits each other.  Still easy, and fun too!

And finally, both Mobs share an outdoor activity, sleepover or Mob holiday. That's it! (Hopefully you will continue to be Buddies and enjoy other occasions together). The Mob who you buddy with can be any Mob, inside or outside your District.