2018 Cub Programs.

Here you can find a range of programs based on this years Scouts in Action Month There - 'Scientific Scouts'

Programs here are suitable for Cub Scouts and will capture the imagination of youth within the Cub Scout Section.

Click on the links to download programs based around a scientific theme.

Science Night 1

Science Night 2

Science Night 3

Here is an awesome Space Camp Program from 'Raksha' from Chermside Burul Cub Scout Pack (QLD)

Space Camp Program

Here are some awesome Science Programs from 2nd Colac (Vic) Sea Cub Scout Pack


Harry Potter

Bottle Rockets

Gross Stuff

Weird Science

Here are 40 Science Activities for Cub Scouts

Science Demonstrations and other Activities

Kedron Cub Scouts having a Scientific Night and lots of Fun as well!

Kedron 2

Kedron 3


Hold a Science Party!
What about a visit to your Mob.  Maybe the guys at Fizzics Education might come along and do some demonstrations for the Pack.  Hold a Science Party at the Hall, Den or your meeting place.  Check them out at


Lots of Science Experiments
You can also visit this site for lots of simple science experiments.  All the gear you need is listed with each experiment and also an explanation as to what is happening.  A very cool site with videos so you can see the experiment form start to finish.

Home Science
There are lots of websites out there with cool science experiments but this one looks good as it is about home science